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Elbsandsteingebirge, etc. - Continued


Club 1907

Gipfelsturmer Emblem
Gipfelstürmer Emblem

Three clubs:
Daxensteiner, Gipfelstürmer, Wettersteiner  
ca. 1907



Rohnspitzler on their 25th Anniversary ca. 1932


Gipfelsturmer Workers

Gipfelstürmer members after repairing the hut

Mystery Climber

Mystery Climber

Photo taken sometime before 1961 - Can you identify him?
Apparently his name was Erich & his wife was Lene

A possibility: Erich Glaser, a climber whose politics (member of the KPD) was at odds with the emerging National Socialism of the 1930s.


Group atop Kreutzturm
On the summit of the Kreuzturm
L-R: A. Kunze, R. Fehrmann,
W. Thiel, R. Kurze ca. 1905

The Kapellnadel
Hruba Skala, Czech Republic
ca. 1920, Photo C. Gutsche

Fun & Games
Photos ca. 1930


Hi-jinks: "Dr. Mabuse"
Photo Zugspitzler Club
Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer
Photo R. Kobach
Bad Guy

"Crag Bum" - the horror of the bohemian wilderness
Photo Zugspitzler Club

The Rucksack Band
Photo R. Kobach

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