Historical Rock Climbing Images


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Miscellaneous Elbsandstein/Leipzig Images

Rappelling off the Wartturm,
Elbsandstein  ca. 1930
Photo R. Kobach

Tension Traverse on the Kohlenberg at the Leipzig Climbing School
ca. 1930
Practice tension traverse

Remainder of photos by Dr Teubner/W. Kiessig

Schwarzen Wand

On the Schwarze Wand
at Leipzig
 ca. 1930
Right side of the Piazwand,
 ca. 1930

Simon on Fliegerwand
Felix Simon on the Fliegerwand,
 ca. 1930

Richard Voigtlander Memorial Route

Felix Simon on the Richard Voigtländer Memorial Route, Leipzig  ca. 1930

Felix Simon and Richard Voigtländer, in 1919, established the Leipzig Climbing School.  Simon climbed extensively in Saxony, and in 1932 was a member - as was Fritz Wiessner -  of the Nanga Parbat expedition. He wrote a book entitled  Felstürme und Eiswände (1957).

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