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Mönchstein  and  Teufelsturm



Mönchstein - North Crack   VIIb = 5.8/5.9
ca 1920

FA by Perry Smith  1908
Photos Walter Hahn

Klemm leads Teufelsturm
Rudolf Klemm leading an ascent of Teufelsturm  


Photos Walter Hahn

Klemm was born in 1897 and died in the War in 1916 - thus he was 16 on this ascent

The first ascent of this tower was made in 1906. Oliver Perry-Smith led, accompanied by W. Hünig and R. Fehrmann. On this climb, Wiessner thought that Perry-Smith had come close to the "limit of the possible".

(VIIb = 5.8/5.9)

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