Early Alpine Images 1

Mont Blanc 15,782 ft
First Ascent by J. Balmat & Dr Piccard

Saussure's Party Descending Mont Blanc on the 3rd Ascent 1787
Saussure is Accompanied by a Valet & 18 Guides

H. B. de Saussure :

"I first looked toward Chamonix, where I knew that my wife and her two sisters would be looking for us through a telescope. I knew that they would have been following all my steps with anxiety . . . and I was relieved when I saw hanging in the breeze the flag which they had promised to have raised the moment they saw that my party was on the summit and knew that their fears were over. Then at last I could enjoy without worry the tremendous panorama spread before our Gaze."

Sketches by John Auldjo Illustrating his Ascent 1827

Sketch by William Howard From the First American Ascent 1819

Sketches by Charles Fellows

Ascent with William Hawes  1827

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